He's there for you in the morning, when you need to get going. And he welcomes you in the afternoon with a pick-me-up.

He'll indulge you with something hot and spicy to fire your senses; or cool and delicious to savour as slowly as you desire. He listens intently and nods reassuringly; warmth is all part of the service.

If needs be, he may plie you with tasty treats or a morsel of sweetness.

He'll cheekily tempt you, but never leave you wanting; and he'll satisfy you like no one else can. Women seek him out, and men follow his lead.

So, forsake all your worries, as you tuck into his healthy propositions or a naughtier offering, and he'll promise to love you, honour and obey you.

Because in the lifelong union of exceptional food and coffee... he is the ultimate husband.

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